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Senseless tragedy
The heart aches, grief overwhelms
Hold your loved ones close


Days past

She’d forgotten the
Simple joys from her childhood,
When she had a soul.

Claragh on the Darkmoon Faire Carousel


For family, friends,
Love, health, good food and laughter;
My soul is nourished.

Pet battles

Small, but fierce, mighty.
Tear, rip, claw, bite, thrash, pow, zap!
My time, is wasted.


You ask us, “Why Run?”
For hope, celebration, to
Remember, we Run.

Storm watchers

Stillness, tension, calm
Before the storm. Winds begin
To turn. Hold on tight.


Whispers guide my feet
Searching for the path, I reach
Through the dark to light

Remember, remember

Time marches on. We
Go about our lives, but our
Scars will never fade.

Mogolympics closing ceremonies haiku

To the victors, go
The spoils – yet we all have left
Our mark on the games.

Patch haiku

This world is the same

And yet, the differences,

So glaring, and strange.

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